Iowa -- Beautiful Land

Words by Tacitus Hussey, a pioneer school teacher

Set to music by Horace M. Towner

Was once adopted as the official Iowa Song

Here's a link to the page where I found the song

Crown her! Crown her! Crown her!
Crown her with corn, this Queen of the West,
Who wears the wild rose on her breast,
The fairest, the richest and best!
Iowa - "Beautiful Land!" Iowa - "Beautiful Land!" 


A song of our dear Hawkeye State!
Iowa - "Beautiful Land;"
As a bird sings of love to his mate
In Iowa - "Beautiful Land."
The land of wide prairies and trees;
Sweet clover and humming of bees,
While kine breath adds perfume to these,
In Iowa - "Beautiful Land!"

The cornfields of billowy gold
In Iowa - "Beautiful Land,"
Are smiling with treasures untold
In Iowa - "Beautiful Land."
With food hope of nations is she,
With love overflowing and free
As her rivers, which run to the sea,
In Iowa - "Beautiful Land!"

Her tale of the past has been told,
Of Iowa - "Beautiful Land;"
The future is not yet unrolled,
Of Iowa - Beautiful Land."
The Past! How high on fame's scroll
She has written her dead heroes roll!
The future! Fear not for thy goal
O Iowa - "Beautiful Land!"

Then sing to the praise of our God
Of Iowa - "Beautiful Land,"
And our fathers, whose feet early trod
This Iowa - "Beautiful Land."
A land kissed by sunshine and show'rs;
Of corn lands, wild roses and flow'rs-
Oh! thrice blessed land, this of ours!
Our Iowa - "Beautiful Land!"

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